The Team

The Beginnings

The idea for WitchesMIX was born in the living room of Gary Holdaway in the small town of Sleaford, Lincolnshire; where a close knit group of Pagans meet two or three times a week to converse, perform magic and enjoy each others company. This soon blossomed into what you now see before you, a place for the free sharing of knowledge within an ever growing community.

Gary Holdaway

Gary HoldawayGary Holdaway has been a practicing Pagan Witch for most of his life. Since awakening to the Pagan world at a young age he has since developed interests in several areas; Norse mythology and runes, Druidic practices, Spellcrafting and Tarot reading to name but a few. Gary is father to little baby Lily and Fiance to Annalise Williams. Although still young Gary has wisdom beyond his years, a passion for learning about anything and everything and a fantastically open mind.

As one of the founding members of WitchesMIX Gary has been working closely with Lee and Ed for nearly a year. He has always been one to bring a balanced view to the group’s dynamic, though has never backed down from a good debate. Gary has very high hopes for WitchesMIX, determined to build a support and knowledge base for anybody on the Pagan path, no matter how far along it they are. WitchesMIX will be a place for anybody wishing to share their experiences, ask questions, or answer those of others, and much, much more.

Lee Hines

Lee HinesLee Hines has been an intuitive healer from a young age. Learning healing techniques from his grandmother, combined with his natural empathic abilities, he has created a brand of healing that is truly his own. Recently Lee has turned his interests towards divining with Tarot and Oracle cards as well as trying to bolster his Healing knowledge by researching Reiki and other Healing techniques.

Lee is currently studying Childcare and Development at Bishop Grosseteste University in Lincoln with the intent to become a qualified teacher. A strong and caring individual he brings a level mind to the group, often finding the compromise others may have missed. A bright and intuitive individual, Lee strives to bring Healing to all he meets, both emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Lee wants WitchesMIX to be a beacon to all who follow the Pagan Path, and those who wish to pursue it. Hoping that through this medium both beginners and adepts can find a common ground and perhaps something new and wonderful.

Blair Reeves

Blair ReevesBlair Reeves has been a practicing Voodoo/Fae Witch for over half of his life, his interest in Paganism first stemming from his natural gift of psychic awareness. At first his interests were targeted towards the Tarot, making Blair the most experienced diviner in the WitchesMIX trio. Using both traditional Tarot and Oracle cards, Blair’s intuition and insight  has grown drastically since his youth, offering wise advice and a refreshing outlook towards life.

Blair see’s his close friends as a part of his family, with family being the most important aspect of his life. He studied Performing Arts at The University Of Cumbria, obtaining his BA in 2011, and never ceases to carry a little bit of drama with him wherever he goes.

Blair wishes for WitchesMIX to be a gathering of all Pagan faiths, the more diverse the better. Always delighting in the views of others and willing to discuss and debate at length, he cannot wait for this project to take flight.



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