Our Mission

“To provide information, support, products and a community based around Paganism and the occult world, taking a less secretive and more lighthearted approach that finally breaks away from the typical ‘hidden’ or ‘supernatural’ feeling that surrounds them. We wish to help others find their spirituality on their own, without the ‘new-age’ prices and the significant investments in set-in-stone faith systems. We aim to help others lower their impact on the environment and live greener lives, helping to restore that simple but inherent connection to ‘something more’ that humanity seems to have lost recently.”

When we originally sat down and talked about the possibility of WitchesMIX, our intentions were to help educate those who sought information on Paganism, Mythology, Occult Religions and living ‘green’ lives. We decided that we would write as unbiased as possible, and attempt to cover as wide a variety of topics as possible. With an idea so huge, thoughts such as charity events and spreading awareness were adopted almost instantaneously. And then, through talks, and after communicating with some of you, we decided that we should try to do all we can to help others find their spirituality, and that we could do so by doing all of the above, and laying on a large community forum where members can ask, discuss, teach and learn from each other. Read on to learn a little more about what we do.


Articles PreviewOriginally, before the branding and the big ideas, WitchesMIX was simply a vision held to educate and help shed light on the Pagan world. We imagined a simple website -much like this blog- holding hundreds of articles, covering all sorts of Pagan, spiritual, or philosophical subjects in as unbiased a way as possible. To do this we decided that when giving our opinion, we would also cover the opinions of others, and give information on various sources so that the user could research elsewhere instead of blindly ‘taking our word for it.’ It is a very common trap for an author to fall into, in that it’s easy to talk about what ‘you’ know, what ‘you’ have experienced and what ‘you’ have felt.

And while we could write all about our own beliefs and experiences, we feel that that approach limits the subjects we can cover, and fundamentally hinders the overall aim of WitchesMIX, which us to help others build their own pathways and their own spiritualties through research, experimentation, and internal questioning. So we hope that our open approach to writing guides rather than instructs our readers, and hopefully encourages further reading and experimentation. Unfortunately until we make an absolute decision with regards to websites, blogs, and homes for WitchesMIX, we will need to hold back a little on articles and instead focus on our blogs, videos, and social media sites.


Youtube PreviewOur Youtube channel houses an array of discussion videos, covering topics that we either think up between us, or have been specifically asked for by our followers. We are always encouraging our watchers to respond via comments or video, and ask directly for what they’d like to see next. We attempt to answer any of these calls with, once again, videos and comments, and would like to eventually see large video chat rooms for us to discuss certain topics with as many people as would like to join in.

You may have to put up with some flopped attempts at humour, and perhaps the occasional clash in beliefs, but we do try to remain unbiased for the most part and at the very least explain our personal reasons for disagreeing in certain contexts. At the end of it all, we are all individuals and are all able to make up our own minds and form our own paths. Hell, that’s what WitchesMIX is all about!

So please head over to our Youtube Channel to get involved in the discussions!


In the not too distant future we are going to be opening up a community forum where, we hope, hundreds of people will come along and get involved in various casual, spiritual and friendly discussion threads. We plan to offer social areas to chat and get to know each other, discussion areas where one can post topics of interest for discussion, and personal areas where you can post up your own opinions, recipes, beliefs etc.

This is actually a main focus for us, and should be up and running in the very near future. We thank you for your patience.

Social media

Hopefully by now you all know that we can be found on Facebook and Twitter. These areas are used to give news on our whereabouts, occasionally post up thoughts of the day for discussion, and generally act as social interaction zones as they are supposed to.

So head on over to Facebook & Twitter and get involved! We look forward to meeting you!


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