Minor Setback (Possibly)

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Hi all, let me start by saying that I have enjoyed the first few days of this discipline experiment hugely, and that already I feel healthier and more at one with myself. I have been pulling some killer workouts out, and enjoying them, alongside eating some nice and healthy food. However, last night I ordered fried chicken 😦 I also ate some fries and a slice of garlic bread. Why? Because it’s Ostara! Well, that’s almost the reason…


Holding myself back from certain things has made me realise that actually, everything really is okay in moderation! And I’ve decided that I’m enjoying getting fit and healthy so much that I needn’t mess around with the details. I thought, if discipline is worth anything, it has to allow for your special occasions and circumstances. The eight Pagan festivals are extremely important days for me, they are close to my heart, and as such, I felt okay to let my hair down a little. I still drank a load of water, only had one cup of tea and ate a healthy breakfast and lunch. And I pulled a mega workout last night. Another factor, is that when you are working out the way I am, your body craves certain things at certain times, so I caved and had what I fancied.

This however doesn’t much help my experiment, which unfortunately disappeared in my mind when I confirmed this decision. The problem is that I’ve been seeing this experiment as a challenge, due to my own issues with my health prior to the start date. To counter this, I need to remember that I am doing an experiment and so I am going to reset my start date to next Monday and last the full two weeks… Perhaps even a month. That’s not to say that I’m going to go back to the Gary that abuses his body and destroy the whole process I’ve been through thus far.

In fact, I feel that for once I have learned quite a lot, and have actually adopted these principles into my mindset (for the most part). So I’m going to enjoy my night with my coven, and while I’ll still do my workout this afternoon and remain healthy with my food choices, I will have a few beers tonight and get merry with the rest of them! Over the weekend my health choices will be almost unblemished, and come Monday, I will officially begin the experiment. I’ll keep you all updated.

Things I’ve Enjoyed

  1. Getting up at 6.00AM
  2. Exercising regularly
  3. Eating healthy food
  4. Drinking more water
  5. Drinking less caffeinated products
  6. Feeling good in myself

So that’s all for today folks, have a good one!


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