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Discipline-isWe all say that we are going to do certain things that many of us know we are never going to get around to. In fact, I was the embodiment of the ‘I’ll start next week’ mindset. Fortunately, I’ve realised, the lifestyle I was living was so far past unhealthy it’s unreal! I would eat fast food/ pizza delivery almost every night, whether I cooked dinner or not. I’d force down up to 15 cups of sugary tea in any given day, and drink at the very least 2 litres of Coca-Cola. All of this must mean that my caffeine and sugar levels are actually damaging to myself. My own thoughts, emotions, feelings and all that can’t even get a look in as I’m so pumped up on caffeine 24/7. I didn’t even realise quite how bad I was until I started the challenge yesterday. It’s hard to spot your own misdoings, especially when health, nutrition and exercise is somewhat of an expertise of mine. So here is a quick update.

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Run Through of Day 1

I’ve officially been on this discipline experiment for 24 hours, and I have to say, I’m actually enjoying it! I did have a couple of deviations  and I will explain them further down, but all in all it was a good day and, in all honesty, could not be further away from my ordinary lifestyle. This is concerning, in that three healthy meals a day should be a staple for anybody, and I struggle so much to get it down. I had to force down my breakfast (muesli) which i wouldn’t ordinarily eat at all, and then when I would usually go through almost half a loaf of bread (and whatever goes in between) at lunch time, I instead had a small bowl of rice and vegetables- Which was surprisingly pleasant, by the way. Dinner was fajitas, so probably some unwanted carbs in there but hey, I’m only human!

I started to lapse around 2.30pm, when I started to suffer possibly the worst headache of my life. It was not dehydration because I had drunk so much during the day, and it wasn’t that my sodium levels had dropped as I popped a bit of salt in my lunch to make sure. So it was down to either lack of caffeine, or lack of sugar. At around 5.30 I finally caved and had a can of coke, hoping that it would just give my body what it needed so it could finally shut the hell up and let me go on with my experiment. In the end it only helped for about half an hour, so all in all was a pointless deviation from the plan. This is to be expected. I am usually filled to the brim with sugar and caffeine, so a few withdrawals are to be expected. Like I’ve said to every body, if my head starts to hurt like that, I will have a can of coke in an attempt to top up my fallen caffeine levels, but hey, it’s no big deal if I have to slowly ween off the bad stuff. I think I’ve decided to maintain as much of this lifestyle as possible.

Thing’s I’ve Realised So Far

  1. I was hugely unhealthy before all of this began! That is most definitely my biggest realisation so far. And without wanting to dim the very mundane results of this experiment, a few random and very good things have started to happen to me already. Perhaps a positive outlook really does bring good things towards you?
  2. Caffiene and sugar are dangerous! Seriously, if something hurts you physically when you cut it out of your life, it’s probably no good for you. Besides, we all know how caffeine sends your emotions up and down, messes with your thought process and unsteadies the breathing, so I needn’t give you a science lesson.
  3. Healthy meals feel different while you’re eating them. Vegetables taste okay overall, if you’re prepared to force feed yourself, but during and after your meal you don’t feel anything like as stuffed, lethargic, or slow as the ordinary meals that I’m used to.
  4. Water tastes okay.
  5. Herbal tea tastes gross.

So that’s all folks! Have a great day.


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