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Firstly, welcome all to the new WitchesMIX blog! It’s taken us well too long to get to this point but there you go, sometimes the simplest things are also the hardest! Please take some time to have a look around and don’t forget to subscribe! Now on to the content!

What’s This All About?

Gary Namaste!

If you look to the religions of the world, you’ll see certain disciplines that it’s members hold itself to. Some catholics remain celibate, or don’t use any swear words, Buddhists may meditate daily, Monks may exercise religiously, eat clean diets, and refrain from all ‘distractions’ of humanity, all in order to reach their individual spiritual goals. What this post is about is how much of our spirituality is reliant on a code of discipline. Does what we eat have anything to do with our spiritual progress? Does our indulgent behaviour impact our meditations? A lot of people would say yes, many people would also say no. The whole message of WitchesMIX is to find out for yourself, and so that is exactly what we are doing!

I (Gary) am going to spend two weeks following a strict routine in an attempt to discover how these efforts will affect my spirituality. I will be posting here, releasing videos, and using our social media accounts to document my thoughts, feelings and various little tidbits such as recipes and workouts, all in order to satisfy my own curiosity about the power of discipline. I’ll run through exactly what I will be doing below, but what I’d really like to happen is to see members of the community try this, or something similar, with me. We could talk through Facebook, Twitter, Youtube videos and comments about our own findings, and encourage each other to keep up the hard work.

What I Think Will Happen

I believe that my physical and mental health will improve greatly, such a thing goes without saying, but alongside that, I believe that my ability to understand my own feelings and emotions will heighten. I also think that critical thinking and sudden glimpses of wisdom will improve somewhat. I’m not sure to what extent any of this actually will happen due to my small time-frame of two weeks, but if I feel good at the end of it, I will be carrying on the lifestyle. I like to think that at the very least, the fact that I’ve come away from caffeine and sugar, means that my moods, emotions and so on will regulate themselves to an extent that I’ve not yet experienced. I’m very excited and have high hopes for the results. As always however, I will remain as unbiased as possible when reporting my findings and posting my updates.

The Promises

  1. Absolutely no processed foods. This includes packeted spice mixes and sauces. I will prepare and cook from fresh all breakfasts, lunches and dinners.
  2. Limit my caffeine and refined sugar to a realistic amount. No more Coca-Cola, or fizzy drinks. One cup of tea with one sugar in the morning. That’s it! The rest of the day will be water, and if I fancy something hot, a herbal tea without milk or sugar.
  3. Bed at 10.00PM, wakeup at 6.00AM. No naps in-between.
  4. Meditate for twenty minutes daily.
  5. Cigarettes will be cut to one an hour at the earliest.
  6. A workout will be completed every single day, without fail. Typical ‘rest’ days will be filled in with stretch routines.
  7. I’m married with a child, sexual over indulgence is not on my list of things to worry about… But without being too personal, the ability to leave myself alone could be refined a little.
  8. Do not act out of any typically ‘negative’ emotions. Compose myself in times of anger, ignorance, or depression. If something has genuinely angered me, or triggered my depressive nature, I will stay calm and talk about the situation.
  9. I will not swear. If one slips out, I must perform 10 push-ups, on my knuckles, without fail. (This is a tough one for me, hence the punishment to force myself to remember.)
  10. I will read, every single day, fact or fiction, for twenty minutes. Keep the brain sharp!

What if nothing changes?

After all of the above for two whole weeks, no changes must be impossible. But supposing I don’t have any notable changes at all I will report as such. There will be nothing but honesty in my updates, and so if I notice that my spirituality has not changed in anyway, I will unfortunately have to report that discipline does not effect MY spirituality. This does not talk for everyone else in the world, of course.

So, I hope some of you get involved with this, and genuinely, I’m feeling quite excited and pretty hopeful. I’m expecting some pretty great changes in myself be they spiritual or otherwise, and I look forward to telling you all about it! Oh, and welcome to WitchesMIX HQ!

Thanks for reading, Gary signing off.


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