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Gary Namaste!

Gary Vs Discipline!

Gary takes on a whole new challenge as he attempts to explore the inherent links between spirituality and discipline! Stay updated on his thoughts and feelings as he limits his food intake, habbits, and addictions, while sticking to a strict routine of exercise and spiritual discipline. Sleep patterns, Profanity, Alcohol, Sugary foods, and cigarettes are but a few of the things he’ll be regulating while attempting to discover if there is any power held in disciplining the mind and body!

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news added 17/03/14

Over the last year we have had the idea of WitchesMIX in our minds, and while we have built a small following on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, we haven’t yet done much of what we set out to do. Today we have decided that this is all about to change. We are going to be reclaiming much of what we had done before, regular facebook updates and tweets, videos, and articles, and Gary is finally going to set up the community forum so we can all get to know each other and have a chat. So it seems that today (more aptly over this week) we will be launching the official WitchesMIX! But let’s be honest, it’s been a long time coming!

In other news, we have bought some Pagan stock (mainly crystals and incense) and have decided that alongside everything else we do, we are going to set up a shop that sells essential Pagan items at a much more reasonable price. This will help draw in those members of the public that have a slight interest in these things but can’t warrant the ‘new-age’ prices that come with them. Over time we will be building up our stock to include candles, altar tools, books, cd’s, etc…

So the long and short of it is, we’ve kind of been busy, but we have a long way to go. Hopefully, we can start to change peoples lives, and if what we do just helps promote a healthier, happier, and more spiritual lifestyle to just a few people, we will have achieved our original goal.


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